13.3inch Integrated Locomotive Room Embedded Touch Panel PC

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
Brand Name: LIQUISE
Certification: CCC,FCC,CE,ISO9001
Model Number: XHT133
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Face to face
Packaging Details: high quality 3cm thickness honeycomb box(air shipment standard)
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Detail Information
Material: Metal And Aluminum Frame Resolution: 1366*768
Color: Silver White Luminance: 350cd/m2
Screen Size: 13.3inch System: Android/Windows
Screen: Touch Screen Viewing Angle: 178/178
Proportion: 16:9 Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Touch
Installation Mode: Wall / Embedded
High Light:

Locomotive Room Embedded Touch Panel


13.3inch Embedded Touch Panel PC


13.3 Industrial Embedded Computer

Product Description

Embedded Industrial Touch Screen Industrial Control Integrated Locomotive Room Fully Enclosed Computer Touch Control

Product overview:
Fully enclosed industrial control integrated machine, a new generation of industrial computer, is manufactured by the manufacturer of industrial intelligent terminal equipment, with touch control, ultra high definition display, dust and water-proof, aluminum alloy back cover, energy saving and consumption reduction, and support customization.
1. Dust proof, pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance: through controllable high temperature test, the product can adapt to high and low temperature, even in harsh environment.
2.It is widely used in many fields, everywhere. Modern technology products are widely used in industry, finance, retail, medical treatment, transportation and other fields
3.HD screen, clear picture quality: high definition screen, high resolution 1280 * 1024, fine picture quality and rich color. High definition backlight technology, high contrast color fuller.
4.The surface adopts IP65 waterproof design: the whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is suitable for the use of automation equipment in various environments. The working temperature is - 10 ℃ - 60 ℃, high and low temperature resistance.
5.efficient heat dissipation system: through aluminum plate and metal back shell heat dissipation, technology breakthrough, low noise. Better heat dissipation effect, stronger stability, effectively protect the service life of the whole machine accessories.
6.Accurate touch, instant response: original touch screen, multi-point infrared touch, sensitive response, no jumping point. High stability and smooth touch experience.
7.Strong anti magnetic interference: it has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and stamping resistance. Alumina process has more metal texture.
8.powerful CPU, stable performance: Intel's new generation Celeron dual core CPU has stronger performance, stability, lower power consumption, and saves money and worry. It is more suitable for harsh industrial environment.
9.compatible with a variety of operating systems: excellent compatibility, stable operation of a variety of systems. Compatible with a variety of industrial query software, easy to operate, intelligent and fast.
10.has the ability of 7 * 24 hours long-time continuous operation platform, provides stable working environment, can design boot and boot function through BIOS, and can still run stably in unstable environment.
11 rich interface, can meet the needs of the industry, and can be customized according to customer needs. Whether you want to external monitor, data transmission, audio listening, you can be connected without worry!



Product Dimensions



Touch method


Handwriting encryption


Electromagnetic handwriting


Anti-peeping film


Power input


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Interface Type


Extended functions







(cun, a measure unit of length, 1cun=3.333centi meter)


Multi-point embedded industrial-grade touch screen


Hard encryption, support encryption methods of DES3DESSM2SM3SM4 and etc.


Support passive/active electromagnetic handwriting screen



30° on the left and right respectively


12V dirrect-current(DC) input






VGAHDMI video interface; USB B touch communication interface


Built-in speaker


5~19Hz/1.0mm amplitude; 19~200Hz/1.0 acceleration


10G acceleration (11mm period semi-aseismatic sine-wave)



Product Dimensions

17 cun(cun, a measure unit of length, 1cun=3.333centi meter)


Color Angle



Resolution 1920x 1080 Viewing angle Full viewing angle
Brightness 250cd/m2 Viewable area 476.64x 268.11
Contrast ratio



Viewable area 16:9




Product Dimensions


19 cun(cun, a measure unit of length, 1cun=3.333centi meter)


Color Angle 16.7M
Resolution 1920x 1080 Viewing angle Full viewing angle
Brightness 250cd/m2 Viewable area 476.64x 268.11
Contrast ratio 3000:1 Viewable area 16:9



Product Dimensions 21 cun(cun, a measure unit of length, 1cun=3.333centi meter) Color Angle 16.7M
Resolution 1920x 1080 Viewing angle 全视角Full viewing angle
Brightness 250cd/m2 Viewable area 476.64x 268.11
Contrast ratio 3000:1 Viewable area 16:9





About delivery All products of our factory are produced and sold by ourselves, with abundant stock. For those orders placed before 5:00pm for all products, the delivery will be arranged on the same day after passing the inspection by the quality department. It adopts double packaging for all the equipment, with pearl cotton inside and thick wooden frame on the outside. The equipment is delivered to the downstairs of clients by express delivery or logistics. This service is not applied to remote areas!
About sign for acceptance Upon receipt of the product, pls open the box and inspect the product. If there is no damage on the shell and screen, customers can sign for acceptance. Otherwise please refuse to sign and contact customer service. If there is any quality problem, we will bear the return and replacement freight. That is, the risk of inner parts damage caused by logistics transportation shall be borne by us..
About the quality It adopts brand-new components for all the products, which have brand-new imported original panel and A+ screen. We provide factory direct sales with high cost-effectiveness and conduct door-to-door service free of charge. The after-sales outlets cover more than 30 provinces, 1681 districts and counties. For requirements of on-site maintenance, we will respond within 24 hours. All the freight generated during the warranty period is borne by the company. If there is any quality problem within 7 days after receiving the equipment, it is guaranteed to return and replace. LCD screen has 1 year warranty while the accessories have 3 years warranty. We also provide lifetime maintenance with only charging the cost of parts!
About Customization The company has 1500 square meters of professional assembly plant and 2500 square meters of shell hardware supporting processing plant, and has established long-term cooperation with large-scale drive plate manufacturers. We can customize the appearance, color, interface and function for customers. Bluetooth, 3G/4G camera, scanner, fingerprint module and printer module can be added. We aim to build private real smart terminals.
About warranty

Three year warranty, lifetime after-sales

一. Warranty policy:

In the first year, it will be fully insured according to the three guarantees policy;

For the second and third years, we provide paid warranty and the cost of accessories will be charged.

National warranty:

●1. Pls contact us immediately when there is a problem with the product.

●2.Our technical personnel will carry out troubleshooting according to the problems of the product to determine whether it is an operation problem or a problem of the product itself.

●3.For operation problems and other small problems, which are easy to deal with, we will explain them through remote operation or telephone. With your cooperation, these problems can be generally solved.

●4.If the problem can not be resolved by remote explanation or telephone communication, or parts need to be replaced, we will arrange technicians to provide on-site maintenance or replacement service.


●1.Maintenance cost

The company will bear the cost of parts and service fee for providing nationwide warranty service within one year. After the end of one year full insurance perio, it is customers who need to pay these fees.

●2.Mailing fee

The seller will bear the freight cost of mailing parts or the machine repair in the first 3 months. And for the 4th month to 12th month, the party who mails the parts or machines shall pay the freight. After one year, the buyer shall bear all freight.




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